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We can manage, create targeted content or ads for your Facebook and Instagram pages.

We manage your social media platforms giving you as a small business owner more time to focus on other aspects of your business.






We create and manage campaigns from start to finish which are targeted to your audience. In addition, a monthly analysis is constructed to showcase performance and insights which can be used to plan future campaigns.

Facebook continues to be the largest active digital audience in the world. With the ability to reach potential consumers with smartphones this platform offers an cost effective opportunity for targeted campaigns for your small business.

With Facebook ads here at Spottmedia we can reach specific audiences helping your business place marketing on the right spot.


Globally, there are over 700 Million active users on Instagram each month. In South Africa around 3.6 Million users and being ranked as the top 5 mobile apps used and downloaded in the World it has become an imperative tool for Marketing your business.

Instagram has become the ‘newest’ way to connect with target audiences by sharing visually attractive photos with short messages.

Whether you would like to increase awareness or build engagement on your brand Spottmedia are well experienced to design a strategy suited towards your businesses objectives and budget.

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Our video solutions cater for small businesses looking to increase their online social media brand presence. Whether it is a new product, service launch, event or client testimonial, we provide quality and affordable video solutions for small businesses. With over 14 years’ experience creating effective video content for brands, we fully understand the process from conceptualizing to delivering the final product.

According to Will Cory Marketing Professional and Business to Business brand strategist “64% of people are more likely to buy a product or service online after viewing a branded video online.

With video becoming so popular it is imperative that small businesses start including video into their marketing strategies as an advertising tool to increase their brand or products exposure. If you would like to know more on our video offering contact us on….

Influencer Campaigns

Influencer Campaigns

A great way to build your brand is through influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is defined as building a content driven strategy around individuals who have influence in a specific sphere whether it is fitness, business, fashion or lifestyle.

We create and manage influencer campaigns for small businesses that are not only effective but also aligned to your business culture and target audience.

We focus on micro influencers that are engaged with their following and who’s values are aligned with your business.

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We offer marketing consultations to assist and guide your small business with its marketing needs.

We believe that it is important to assess your marketing strategies and tactics on a regular basis.

Our marketing consultations are offered on a month to month basis where we help you plan effective marketing strategies and provide guidance when tracking your results.