Client Feature: Matawi – A Beacon of Sustainability and Resilience

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Client Feature: Matawi – A Beacon of Sustainability and Resilience

In the midst of a drought in Cape Town, an idea took root. This idea blossomed into Matawi, a beacon of sustainability and resilience in the gin industry. Today, we invite you to explore the inspiring journey of our client and this unique brand.

Matawi was born out of necessity and formalised in 2018. Despite the global challenges of Covid-19, Matawi didn’t just survive; it thrived, standing tall while many artisanal peers struggled.

What sets Matawi apart? According to Khanya Mncwabe (Founder) “Matawi’s focus is squarely sustainability: we have not set out to refine our operations to become sustainable after-the-fact. We set out from the onset to provide the market with a water-conserving alcoholic honey range, manufactured and packaged mindfully to make the lightest possible impact on the planet, and that uplifts the impoverished communities who are our preferred supply partners”. Ultimately, they designed their business model with sustainability at its core, setting them apart in the industry.

In the competitive landscape of small businesses, marketing is crucial. Recognising this, with the help of Spottmedia, Matawi was able to reach those who resonated with their brand. Partnering with Spottmedia Matawi was able to achieve growth and outcomes that far exceeded their expectations, landing TV and Radio interviews, print features, and increased exposure through social media channels.

Looking ahead, Matawi has big plans. They aim to expand their sales channels and are hopeful of achieving a retail listing in 2024. With Spottmedia by their side, they’re gearing up to scale their digital marketing efforts and cultivate a rhythm of content ideation and creation which aligns to their overall business objectives.

So, here’s to Matawi, a testament to the power of sustainability. As we continue to support them in their journey, we invite you to join us. Stay tuned via Matawi’s online platforms for more updates on their journey towards a sustainable, honey-filled future!





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