Three-Day Workshop: Bridging the Digital Skills Gap in Africa

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Three-Day Workshop: Bridging the Digital Skills Gap in Africa

Our MD, Rucien Petersen, had the opportunity to attend a three-day digital skills workshop organised by the International Labour Organization. The focus of this workshop was to address the digital skills gap in Africa, specifically South Africa, a challenge that is increasingly relevant in today’s digital age.

The workshop was a train-the-trainers event, aimed at equipping us with diverse methodologies to bridge the digital skills gap. The sessions were comprehensive and included a range of strategies and topics:

  • Understanding our training mandates: This involved gaining a clear understanding of our responsibilities and objectives as trainers.
  • Mapping out the users/candidates’ journeys: This involved creating a roadmap of the learning journey for our trainees, ensuring a smooth and effective learning experience.
  • Streamlining our processes and systems: This focused on optimizing our training processes for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Knowledge sharing and exchange: This encouraged open dialogue and the sharing of ideas and experiences among participants.
  • Challenges and strategies to overcome: This involved identifying potential obstacles in our training efforts and brainstorming solutions to overcome them.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the International Training Centre (ITCILO), and the International Labour Organization for organizing this insightful workshop. The knowledge and strategies gained from this event will undoubtedly contribute to our ongoing efforts to bridge the digital skills gap in Africa.

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