4 Ways to grow your email subscriber list

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4 Ways to grow your email subscriber list

1. Craft a more compelling offer

We’ll start off with the biggest and most important element to increase your subscribers—make the offer more appealing. Sure, you can tweak button colors and improve small factors on your conversion rate. But if you don’t have an offer that converts, you’re being penny-wise and pound foolish. Instead, focus on what you’re offering prospects in exchange for their email address.

So, understand what it is your target customer really wants, and give it to them. Offers can include a 50% off discount, FREE Sample, FREE Experience etc.

2. Gated content

From white papers to ebooks, chances are you have plenty of high-quality content that you’re giving away for free. If you really want to grow your email list and skyrocket engagement, try restricting your best content so that it can’t be accessed unless a user enters their name and email address.

Gated content needs to be both well-written and informative in order to give the reader the expected payoff. Remember, you’re exchanging value for value.

A strong example of gated content is Klood’s ebook “The Beginner’s Guide to WordPress.” Users only get permission to view it when they sign up.

3. Opt – In forms

When it comes to how to grow your email list, opt-in forms are critical for boosting conversion rates.

Studies show that 55% of visitors spend only 15 seconds or less on your website, which means you need to capture their attention right from the get-go.

While the copy should be concise and the design should be visually appealing, the primary goal is to make your form stand out from the rest of the elements on your page. Whether you’re using an exit-intent form, a slide-in form or a notification bar, the pop-up needs to be prominent.

4. Add a signup to your email and signature

You know how you send dozens of emails a day? It’s likely some of those people would love to be a subscriber. When you add a subscriber link to your email signature, you make it easy for them to see and sign up.

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