5 Ways To Boost Your Engagement on Instagram in 2022

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5 Ways To Boost Your Engagement on Instagram in 2022

Instagram remains a popular platform for brands to connect with their audiences, especially millennials. Its new features, along with its established base of users and marketing tools, make Instagram a valuable tool that shouldn’t be ignored in 2022.

Here are five ways to boost your engagement in 2022:

1. Collaboration and Partnership Feature

With the Collab feature, each collaborator is shown as a co-author of a single post and it gives each collaborator the option to share the same post immediately. Where before, two separate posts would be required to highlight such a partnership, the feature allows each collaborator to have the same post in their feed, along with the same likes and comments. This results in an uninterrupted path to your collaborator’s followers and an increase in legitimacy by association. The immediate use cases include influencer collaborations, brand partnerships and special announcements.

2. Combine giveaways with influencers

One study found that giveaways can help grow an account’s followers up to 70% faster, with 64 times more comments and 3.5 times more likes than typical posts. Partnering with an influencer, however, broadens your reach even further.

Influencer marketing is exploding. By the end of the year, it’s estimated that the influencer marketing industry will be worth $13.8 billion. And Instagram is the platform of choice, with 68% of brands considering it the most important platform for influencer marketing. Combining the value influencers bring with the benefits of a giveaway is a proven recipe for success.

3. Encourage More User-Generated Content

UGC of any kind is an excellent supplement to an Instagram profile as it lends legitimacy to your brand. Showing real people using your product or service in real situations can connect with audiences on a deeper level than a standard ad. Initiatives like brand ambassador programs and behind the scenes footage can be a great way to generate consistent, high-quality UGC that can be utilized regularly.

4. Listen To Your Audience

Never underestimate the value of asking questions and listening to your audience. It makes them feel involved, and it can provide valuable insights into your product or service.

A quick and easy way to do this is through polls. Instagram Stories are a powerful tool for brands, with 58% of people saying they become more interested in a product once they see it in a story. Polling your audience via a story has the potential to be even more effective, as you can receive immediate feedback that can be utilized in a number of ways.

5. Provide Recurring Value

As much as marketers would love for this to be the case, people don’t follow brands on Instagram to be constantly sold to — they also want something of value, whether that’s entertainment, knowledge or incentives. You want your audience to have a reason to engage with your content regularly. Whether it’s a weekly themed giveaway, a behind-the-scenes video series, or useful tips and tricks, providing value to your customers will ensure they keep engaging regardless of where they sit in the customer journey.

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