Social Media Workshop in Westcoast

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Social Media Workshop in Westcoast

Spottmedia partnered with IkasiMedia to conduct a 2 – Day Social Media Workshop for Business. The Workshop was held at the Ganzekraal Resort along the West Coast and took place between 11th – 12th October. This workshop was part of a 3 Month Skills Program run by IkasiMedia. “We were excited about this workshop as it gave us (Spottmedia) an opportunity to upskill the learners and to educate them on digital marketing and how to utilise social media” says Founder Rucien Petersen.

The workshop focused on interesting ways to create content, the benefits of using social media, mistakes to avoid and how to use social media to market a business. We also incorporated a balance of learning techniques and methodologies giving the learners an opportunity to apply what they learnt within an individual and group setting. Our main objective was to educate the learners on how they could use social media to market a business.

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