Women’s Month Feature – Leona Shunmugam (Co-owner of Bleuscissor)

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Women’s Month Feature – Leona Shunmugam (Co-owner of Bleuscissor)

We had a chat with Founder and owner of Bleuscissor Leona Shunmagan. Read the full details below on Leona’s journey as an inspiring Entrepreneur and the advice she has for future female Entrepreneurs.

1. Why did you start your own business or want to venture into entrepreneurship?

Being a single mom of 4 children, I needed to provide for them. So my motivation was just that. Providing, using the skill set that I had and am very passionate about.

2. What keeps you motivated to keep on moving forward and not to give up?

The bigger picture of this journey, seeing myself make my dreams come true. Reach my goals and live my best life, and possibly inspire others along the way. Giving up is NOT an option. Period.

3. What was your greatest challenge as an entrepreneur and how did you overcome it?

COVID-19, not knowing what was going to happen to our business and future of businesses around South African. How I overcame it was by taking small steps daily, being there for our staff and clients. Being available, doing what I am so passionate about, people and the hair industry.

4. What do you do during your spare time to relax?

Love being around my children. Love talking to my sister about our parents and childhood.

Love reading books – poetry

Watching a feel good movie or series.

Podcasts that are thought provoking and that allows me to grow and be open to new opportunities.

5. Do you have any advice or message for young women wanting to venture into the world of entrepreneurship?

Have a willing heart and spirit. Take risks and the responsibility that comes with it. Be bold, courageous. Be the change you want to see and by doing so you will inspire others along the journey to find their purpose. Mindset is everything.

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