Women’s Month Feature – Nazlee Van Staden

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Women’s Month Feature – Nazlee Van Staden (Owner of Nazlee Van Staden Attorneys and Debt Counsellors)

We had the opportunity to chat to our client Nazlee Van Staden (Owner of Nazlee Van Staden Attorneys and Debt Counsellors) to find out more about her journey as an Entrepreneur.

1. Why did you start your own business or want to venture into entrepreneurship?

I started after realising that being in the corporate game; my energy was consumed with games that I couldn’t play. Games included backstabbing; racial prejudice, etc. I know my worth and was not remunerated for it. I became comfortable and realised that in order to grow, I needed to make a change and go. I decided to take the leap of faith and test my ability to go on my own, It was the right time to take the chance as all the stars were aligned in my favour to explore this option. It was a risk but a very fulfilling journey that taught me such a lot about business, myself and what I value most.

2. What keeps you motivated to keep on moving forward and not to give up?

Being a parent of 2 children and the responsibilities that come with that. They are my main motivation and even when days seem dark because of them I push even harder to achieve what seemed impossible. We all have monthly expenses and the cost of living is rising regularly therefore the duty to our staff and their families keeps me motivated. We also have a duty to our clients who have entrusted us with their challenges and the expectation to solve them.

3. What was your greatest challenge as an Entrepreneur and how did you overcome it?

Letting go of control, it is very taxing and I’m not sure I have overcome it yet (it’s a work in progress). When you started everything from scratch with your own money (no loans from the bank) then it becomes very hard to let go of the control because this is your baby which you’ve nurtured to what it has become today. I almost never take leave, even when the office closes at the end of the year. I still pop in from time to time to spend some time here and check that all is well. I also never get sick or should I say, I cannot afford to get sick. When Covid hit us last year I was in hospitalized for 7 days and forced to let go of control. I believe that in order to overcome this inner demand for control over my business I need to trust that everyone left behind are capable enough to attend to all matters in a similar fashion and produce the same quality of service as I do. It’s a challenge and one that affects me in terms of how I look after myself; my health and well-being mostly. I haven’t overcome it but I am working towards overcoming it.

4. What do you do during your spare time to relax?

I love going to the beach, long walks, the sun, spa dates despite most of those activities being put on hold. This is quite a short list as one can imagine, but being an entrepreneur does not allow much window for these types of leisure.

5. Do you have any advice or message for young women wanting to venture into the world of Entrepreneurship?

Don’t neglect yourself while building your business as it’s so easy to do. Look after yourself. Try not to marry in community of property as this can create problems with your credit score and business profile. Remember having your own business is like a roller coaster ride in terms of having money, so always save when you can as there will be times when business is down and one experience hardships. Trust your instincts.


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