5 Linkedin Tactics for Small Businesses

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5 Linkedin Tactics for Small Businesses

Linkedin is a great tool for you to use as an entrepreneur to build your network and to grow your business.  The platform focuses on job searching and professional networking makes it a valuable platform for small business entrepreneurs. There’s a lot you can do on LinkedIn beyond the basics of building a profile and connecting with your colleagues.

We put together 5 tactics you can use today to grow your personal and business profiles on Linkedin.

  1. Update your Page and Create a Portfolio

Make sure you keep your personal and business profiles up to date on a regular basis. LinkedIn is a wonderful place to showcase the work you do, such as pictures of your work, business and creative content you’ve produced. Whatever you can show your potential clients, show them! Showing is always better than telling.

  1. Join Groups and Participate

There are groups for every interest, professional and not-so-professional. Find some that match your interests and your industry. Once you’re in some groups, post regularly without spamming. Share ideas and stories. Ask questions. Don’t constantly bring the subject back to your business. Instead, build your credibility as an expert in your field.

  1. Blog

Create LinkedIn posts that promote your blog posts or write articles directly in the Linkedin platform. Providing useful information regularly keeps your profile fresh while building engagement and your reputation.

  1. Find Events

There are lots of events posted on LinkedIn, both virtual ones that you can attend from anywhere and meet-and-greets in your local area. Use this as a means to learn more about your field and to network with customers and competitors.

  1. Seek Out Recommendations

Research shows that positive recommendations have a major influence on buying decisions. Generously recommend people in your network, and be proactive in asking for recommendations in return.

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