Black Friday Marketing Campaign Tips

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Black Friday Marketing Campaign Tips

Black Friday is on the horizon again, and since 2020 has been anything but a typical year, it is fitting for Black Friday to be celebrated differently this year as well. It makes sense that when it comes to the beginning of the ultimate shopping season, small businesses should plan accordingly to maximise the opportunity and ensure that their market strategies are suited to accommodate this anticipated day. Our buying habits are very much influenced by what is happening around the world. That is why this year, small businesses cannot forget about accounting for the global pandemic angle, especially since there are several items in great demand due to the lockdown situation.

Shoppable Galleries or Shoppable Content

To start with the best and most valuable black Friday marketing strategy, you can get started with shoppable galleries or shoppable content. Shoppable galleries or shoppable feeds are a brand’s social media or user-generated visual content, featuring brand products that can be turned into shoppable content by tagging products, prices, and details. You can collect visual content, tag your products to it, and publish these shoppable galleries on websites, emails, or your social media profile. It is an excellent strategy for eCommerce & online brands to boost sales, increase user engagement, build brand awareness, grow trust, and much more with minimum investments. Platforms like Taggbox Commerce can help you to turn your social media and other visual content into Shoppable feeds & galleries.

Online Audience

Millennials are the most prominent buyers in Black Friday sales. Moreover, the underlying fact that the highest percentage of social media users are millennials demonstrates the relevance of using social media channels to exhibit the brand and its products. Through the use of scheduling apps, brands should schedule the “specials” and “discounts” posts within a suitable time frame when consumers are most active socially. Brands should plan their Black Friday marketing campaigns for social media well in advance and implement them efficiently to boost awareness and sales.

In-store shopping

Contactless in-store shopping is a vital strategy this year, given the global situation where you have to maintain a distance in public spaces and sustain a sanitized environment. Therefore, as a brand, you should focus on making elements of your in-store shopping experience contactless and quicker. This includes contactless payment, hands-free product trials, augmented reality, and virtual reality experiences.

There is no denying that Black Friday is huge for affiliating small businesses, but there is still plenty of opportunity for marketing that lies afterward. There will be a big chunk of latecomers who missed out on the most significant promotions and will be looking for gifts and presents at the last minute. You can add a buffer period and extend your promotions by a few days to maximize your conversions. This is an excellent way to market any leftover stock and reach shoppers who missed your initial offers. For further information on perfecting your Black Friday marketing strategies and campaign contact us at for a consultation.


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