Linkedin Stories

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Linkedin Stories

Recently launched LinkedIn Stories is a quick and engaging way to share professional updates on LinkedIn. Much like Instagram Stories, the feature allows users to share images or videos that last for just 24 hours. Users can add text overlays, mention accounts, share a question of the day, and add a range of stickers to their stories.

Once published, stories appear in tappable bubbles at the top of a user’s LinkedIn feed on mobile. When tapped, they display in a full screen 9:16 format. Viewers can send a story via direct message, making quick and casual conversations easier on the platform. Stories are the new norm, with users preferring to “share in the moment” rather than committing to a permanent feed post. Simply put, this feature will provide a new, temporary way to share information with your professionally motivated audience. Although having another channel to contend with might feel overwhelming, there are many ways to turn this into a new creative opportunity to support your business goals.

Much like the introduction of Instagram Stories, LinkedIn Stories offers a vast opportunity to create a more robust, more personable dialogue with your audience. LinkedIn is a massive platform for professional thought leadership, and this new “snackable” format is a great way to showcase your in-house knowledge in a fun and engaging way. Whether it is resume advice from your HR team, a quick industry recap, or creative design pointers, sharing helpful tips is a sure-fire way to capture your audience’s attention. Just remember to keep your content suited to the fast and easy-to-digest nature of stories. For example, if you share “3 tips on professional networking,” you may want to prepare 3 slides to slot in among your video content, so your content is exceptionally skimmable for your audience!

LinkedIn Stories only have a short lifespan, making them perfect for sharing less polished, off-the-cuff content straight from a live event. From big company announcements to awards ceremonies, sharing clips from live events on stories can be a great way to showcase what is going on at your company. This can also be an excellent way to create extra hype around an event on LinkedIn especially under Covid-19 physical restrictions. Just like Instagram Stories, LinkedIn Stories provide an excellent way to show a more human and authentic side to your brand on social media. Hosting a Q&A on stories will showcase the people behind your brand, which is a great way to share your brand story and help build brand affinity.

If you are one of the first few brands using LinkedIn Stories, the chances are you will be gaining a considerable amount of extra airtime with your audience on LinkedIn. It could be a great idea to use this new platform to share all your essential brand updates — even if you have a feed post about them as well. Whether you are sharing job opportunities or a product launch, capitalising on this new channel to reach more of your audience, is an innovative move! Early adopters of LinkedIn Stories will set themselves ahead of the competition. For more information on Linkedin Stories, click on the link below




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