Video Marketing

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Video Marketing

Video marketing is the act of creating videos to market a specific business and its products/services. Video marketing is a valuable tool to have in a business’s digital marketing strategy. More than 80% of video marketers are satisfied with their return on an investment after launching a video. Additionally, video marketing is a versatile medium with multiple platforms available to share them on, including YouTube, Instagram, and forwarding to email subscribers.

A few examples of video marketing include:
Demo videos: Demos take the consumer through an in-depth analysis or demonstration of your brand’s product or service. These videos show your customer what to expect when they utilise your brand.

Educational or how-to videos: These instructional videos can teach your audience something new or a product in your business. You could also make these videos to give your audience step-by-step instructions for activities that could make their lives easier, therefore showing the trustworthiness and value your brand brings them.

Live videos: Livestream videos allow you to engage with your audience more thoroughly than a video they playback. These videos, including Facebook, live, or Instagram live, give them the chance to comment with questions or feedback to your business in real-time.

Brand videos: These videos bring your brand to life and give your audience greater insight into your team or business, especially if you’re showcasing or launching a product or service.

Customer testimonial videos: Case study videos, or customer testimonial videos, can give your business the boost it needs in terms of consumer credibility. These videos showcase how your business helps the consumer solve an issue by having real-life customers tell their experience to your general audience.

If you want your video marketing to have results, then you must plan, test, analyse, and test again. Yes, the goal of your videos is to tell a story and engage your customers but, from a marketing perspective, your videos must also align with your sales funnel. Some questions that you must pose to yourself are: What is the purpose of each video? Who is the audience? How does the video further your marketing goals?

The bottom line, overall strategy, and data should drive your video marketing strategy. First, plan a solid strategy to develop video(s) for each level of your sales funnel. Outline the content and goals of each video. Determine what metrics will best determine a video’s success. Then, test, analyse and tweak your videos (and their deployment), when necessary. Work to make them more effective. Incorporating video; in 2020 and beyond, is the cornerstone of your brand’s marketing efforts. Should you require professional assistance in creating video solutions to cater to your small business and increasing your online social media presence, kindly contact us on

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