Micro-Influencers in Social Media Marketing

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Micro-Influencers in Social Media Marketing

A micro-influencer has a smaller follower base, around 2,000 to 50,000 followers on a single platform. On the large end, they can have up to 100,000 followers. The influencer is usually focused on a specific niche market and may appear more like a relatable everyday person than an Instagram celebrity.

Many micro-influencers specialise in a specific area. Such examples include beauty or fitness. This makes the individual most knowledgeable about their niche. They are more of a subject matter expert, compared to a more macro influencer who may cover a variety of topics. In addition, authenticity is vital. Micro-influencers are seemingly ordinary people who come across as more credible and reliable sources of information. As a more transparent source of information and recommendations, micro-influencers have been found to have higher engagement with their audiences.

Because micro-influencers are usually working on growing their audience, they are typically very conscientious about what they post. They know their audience well and will not post content they know will not resonate with their followers. Micro-influencers can increase brand awareness by introducing your brand to their audience. This can help your business grow its following on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. They can also help to foster brand loyalty by bolstering their audience’s perception of your brand.

One of the simplest ways to find micro-influencers is among your brand’s followers. Look at follower counts or, tap into your social media analytics to find out who is engaging most with your posts. Bonus: If they are already a fan of your brand, they will be more willing to engage with you ! Their posts will be more authentic and foster a warm relationship, with no cold-prospecting involved.

Your company can opt to do micro-influencer marketing on a large scale. However, manual processes are not the most practical. Fortunately, there are many influencer marketing software that can also help you prospect for and engage micro-influencers, as well. Tools like Buzz, Sumo and Mention, for example, can help you identify the individuals who are driving conversations around your brand, products, or services.

Influencer marketing emerged from the need to bypass traditional advertising channels and reach audiences with brand messages from people they trust. Moreover, as influencer marketing has taken the world by storm, a single post by a well-known celebrity is often well beyond the average brand’s budget.

Micro-influencers put influencer marketing within reach for many brands . They offer an intimate, trusted connection with their audience that traditional influencers often cannot match. As you are refining your marketing strategy within your business for 2020, do not overlook micro-influencer marketing. It is an effective and affordable solution to help you grow your followers, build brand awareness, and foster brand loyalty. If your business requires assistance in creating and managing your micro influencer campaign, kindly contact us on marketing@spottmedia.co.za.

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