Youth Entrepreneur Segment

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Youth Entrepreneur Segment

The month of June is recognised on a national scale as ‘Youth Month’, and Spottmedia decided that it would be an excellent opportunity to allow youth entrepreneurs to speak about their businesses .We strongly felt that the attention on the youth had declined slightly due to COVID-19. The focus on young entrepreneurs stems from their belief that young people are one of the main drivers of economic growth.

South African youth contribute passion, innovation, and new energy to the South African entrepreneurship world. They are risk-takers and unapologetic on what it is they want. Young entrepreneurs are not afraid to take risks and are continually searching for new and innovative solutions while exploring various sectors. It is essential to acknowledge, that without the constant need to explore and improve from our youth entrepreneurs, the state of entrepreneurship in this country would not be at the level that it is today.

Spottmedia had conducted a 10 – 30-minute interview, and asked a few questions about the inception of the startup business, the reason behind its existence,  what differentiates its services offered in comparison to its direct competitors, what makes the business unique and how COVID-19 has impacted the business on a linear scale. In addition, the Managing Director Rucien Petersen, who conducted these interviews, as mentioned above, allowed these young entrepreneurs to ask any related marketing questions specific to their business. This marketing initiative was entirely free, and the primary goal was to empower, support, and add value through assisting youth-owned businesses.

Each session was recorded and can be viewed here: names, details and YouTube links of the Businesses featured on our Youth Entrepreneur Segment are allocated in the order they were formally interviewed:



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