Marketing Planning for Businesses Post COVID-19

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Marketing Planning for Businesses Post COVID-19

As we come out of the lock down and the economy opens now is the perfect opportunity to re-look, re-adjust, and realign your marketing processes and strategies. Marketing has been described as the railway engine which pulls all the other departmental carriages along. Marketing planning is a systematic and disciplined exercise to formulate marketing strategies and can be related to the organisation as a whole or strategic business unit (SBU). It is the interface between the enterprise and its market.

Marketing planning is a strictly forward-looking exercise, which determines the future strategies of an organisation concerning its product development, market development, channel design, sales promotion, and profitability. The marketing planning process consists of the tactics and marketing techniques that you must assume for achieving your marketing goals within the required period. The marketing planning process involves the selection of the target market and then developing a plan for how you must market your product in that specific target market to penetrate. It is a primary need of every business to make a good market plan for the success of its Product Life Cycle.

The marketing planning process is intended to project where you want to see your business in the future. It decides how you want to target your consumer and its segmentation. It involves rational and independent thinking about the marketing strategies of your business. Making proper documentation of your strategies is an integral part of the planning process. It is vital to properly plan your marketing activities and implement them in the right direction for the survival of your product in the market. In today’s market of constant competition, without proper extended and robust planning processes, you cannot take succeed in the market. The marketing planning process makes it essential for the managers to contribute some of their time towards thinking about the company’s resources and the opportunities that may be gained by effectively utilising those resources. As a result of the current era of rapid digital marketing, it is necessary to focus on the proper marketing planning process to cover the maximum depth of the market and optimise marketing opportunities. By applying a proper plan, businesses can avoid the risk of failure of the product and can satisfy and fulfill the needs of the target consumers in the short term and long term.

The business can upgrade their sales volume and growth by choosing the right marketing plan for their firm. This planning process involves the specifications of how marketing objectives are to be attained. Any organisation practicing marketing in the proper sense must identify the needs of the consumer correctly, translate the needs into suitable products and services, deliver those products and services to attain the total satisfaction of the consumer, and through the process, generate substantial profits for the firm. If you require assistance in restructuring your marketing plan, please contact us on

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