Things to do as a small business owner during this hard time

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Things to do as a small business owner during this hard time

Truth is, we are on an unchartered territory as a nation. While a pandemic is not a new experience in the world, it hasn’t affected South Africa to this magnitude as the COVID-19 virus. This is why there’s currently lot of panic and fear in our communities. Particularly with a lockdown that has come into effect this morning.

Everyone from ordinary South Africans, business owners, and large organisations are greatly affected by the COVID-19 virus. From permanent loss of business, loss of income and remote working. The economy is also taking a knock everywhere in the globe. Fortunately, our government is trying to put together solutions to help everyone they can with the resources available to them. We put together a few ideas you should consider during this time as a small business, entrepreneur or startup.

1. Keep going

The easiest option at the moment is to stop. You need to draw strength and have an innovative mindset as a small business owner to try and find new ways of keeping you going and your business going online. While all brick and mortar stores are closed, you should keep on going online.

One thing we are all certain of at this time is that everyone will be online, in-fact more online than ever before. It is a crucial time for you to keep connecting and engaging with your customers.

2. Share information

Don’t forget to be a responsible citizen and share useful information about the virus. Small things like what they need to do to keep them safe, like staying at home, washing their hands, sanitizing, eating healthy to boost their immune systems etc. However, you ought to exercise caution in this regard, don’t share alarming or false information. Use only information from credible sources such as the World Health Organisation, our government pages and news websites. This will show your customers you care about them beyond them as just customers. You care about them as individuals. This could ultimately help you build a lasting relationship with them.

3. Transparent communication

You must remember that we are all affected and are all experiencing the same crisis albeit not entire in the same way. But if you offer your customers transparent communication, letting them in on what you’re struggling with as a business. They will appreciate your honesty and will likely engage better with you.

4. Shift to digital

If you have been thinking about ramping up your digital marketing efforts but didn’t have the time. Now is your chance. For example, if you own a fitness studio. While your physical spot is closed, you can do videos with workout ideas. With everyone staying home, including fitness enthusiasts, you’re guaranteed to have viewers. Another example would be if you own a beauty salon, you can do videos or written tips or a Live video taking them through how they can take care of their skin using ingredients they already have at home.

Alternatively, as a nail technician, you can offer them tips on how to keep their nails strong during this period. If you’re a cleaning company, teach them savvy ways to clean their houses. You don’t need a fancy camera to take videos, you simply need your smartphone and there are numerous free tools you can use, such as Canva for your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook written posts.

As a marketing agency we are all about adding value to the lives of small business owners and start-ups. During this period we are availing ourselves to do FREE online marketing sessions to help you navigate this new reality that we are all in. Please reach out to our Founder, Rucien Petersen to set up an appointment if you are interested.

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