COVID -19. How to thrive and market your business during uncertain times.

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COVID – 19. How to thrive and market your business during uncertain times.

Many local businesses are uncertain about the future and what kind of impact the Coronavirus will have. It is important that during this time we remain calm and that we continue to implement measures and precautions while supporting each other as Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Startups. To get started by preparing yourself we put together a few ideas and strategies you can implement now already for your business.

1. Delivery

Its all about convenience during this time. Be willing to offer delivery, if consumers decide to stay in – doors then it might be a good idea to offer them the opportunity to have their food or products delivered to their home. Remind your customers that it’s crowds and very close personal contact, not human interaction that they need to avoid.

2. Online Store

If you have an online store it will be imperative to implement marketing strategies like Facebook or Instagram ads to drive online traffic for purchases. If you do not have an online store at the moment then perhaps this is the time to look at having an online store. The internet isn’t going away and this might be the perfect opportunity to future proof your business and go online.

3. Webinars

If you in the events business then you might have been hit the hardest with all the cancellations and postponements of events. However depending on the type of event, you might have an opportunity to offer webinars. Social Media also allows you to use features like Instagram Live or Facebook Live for your website.

4. Specials/Promotions or Discounts

Try to offer clients or potential clients amazing deals during this time. Come up with never before seen creative offers like a new Hamper/Package along with new content wording and design that will grab consumers attention.

5. Local Facebook Ads

Targeted Facebook ads can be ideal to drive awareness and sales through online platforms. Majority of consumers will be moving online and it will become imperative for businesses to use this opportunity to their advantage to grow their brands even further.

The biggest mistake businesses, entrepreneurs, brands and small businesses can make at this stage is to stop posting, promoting and marketing. South Africans are spending approximately 2 hours and 48 minutes on social media and there is no doubt that this number will continue to increase over the next coming weeks. All you need to do during this time is to reassess, change your strategy and implement, but don’t stop promoting.

If you require assistance on implementing effective marketing strategies during this time you can contact us on and we will be more than willing to assist you during this time.

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