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Vive Studios Feature

Vive Studios offers expert massage therapies, by trained massage therapists, to clients in and around the Cape Town, Claremont areas. Our client is all about quality, service and creating a unique experience. We went behind the scenes and had a one on one with them to find out more about the concept and why they started the business.

1. Share your story with us on why you started Vivestudios?

We started Vive studios when we realized the gap in the market for massage studios that provided affordable and quality massage treatments, especially sport massage. As business partners we visited many massage places around Cape town and none of them provided sport massage as a treatment option. When asking for hard or deep pressure all the places were geared to soft relaxing pressure. This prompted us to start our own venture that would provide sport massage as an option with therapists that could apply proper pressure as required per the client.

2. How long has Vivestudios been in existence?

Vive studios is now open and operating a successful venture for 20 months.

3. What does the name of your business mean and how did you come up with it?

The name Vive studios came about as follow: Because we do not offer treatments where there is water in usage we could not be labelled as a spa and thus we are a studio where massage treatments are offered. Vive is an abbreviation for the word ‘Revive’ and this is what we aim for our clients to feel like once leaving our studio, revived and ready for life.

4. What makes your business different and unique?

Vive studios is different and unique in that we offer treatments that specialize in helping athletes with recovery or preparation for sporting events, but we also cater for the average everyday client who is looking for a nice relaxing massage with a difference. Inversion therapy is unique at Vive and we are the only massage studio in Cape town who offer this. We recommend to our clients to try our inversion therapy before a massage session as inversion therapy help to naturally align your body and in doing so it helps your muscles to relax which assists with the massage treatment and giving you a lot more benefits immediately.

5. What are your main challenges you experiencing when it comes to running a business?

The main challenges we experience as business owners is dealing with the up and down economic climate of South Africa. Due to many factors in our economy, expendable income is something that everyone looks at on a monthly basis and growing a consistent customer base is tough when people are cutting back on luxuries.

6. Do you have any advice for future entrepreneurs or individuals wanting to start their own business (Spa)?

Starting your own business is never easy and it takes a lot of dedication and commitment. When things get tough and you wonder why you decided to do this, those are the times when you have to revisit your initial drive, motivation and reasons for why you wanted this business and for why you wanted to be an entrepreneur. These reasons will also often help you to solve small problems and issues that you might face during tough times. Never give up.

7. How has Spottmedia added value to your business from a Marketing point of view?

Spottmedia has added so much value to Vive studios in terms of creating the right exposure for our brand. There feel for what Vive needed to grow our brand successfully has been spot on. With Spottmedia taking over the social media and marketing aspects of Vive it gave us as business owners the opportunity to focus on the everyday operations of the studio and making sure that each and every client who walks through our doors get the best service and treatments. We are very thankful for the value Spottmedia has added to our brand.

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