What can Instagram stories do for your small business?

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What can Instagram stories do for your small business?

In 2016, photo sharing app Instagram made significant changes to the platform, including the introduction of business tools, such as analytics to allow users to get more insights on their audience.

One of these changes included Instagram stories, which was copied from another social platform, Snapchat. Instagram CEO, Kevin Systrom admitted to this fact, adding that it was a successful tool they wanted to use to attract users.

This move has proven to work for Instagram as they reported a number of 500 million daily active stories users across the globe, according to Statista. Instagram stories have since become instagram’s staple feature used not only by influencers but also large, medium-sized, and small businesses.

What are Instagram stories exactly?

Instagram stories are sequential posts that can form a story board if you post more than one story. The rule is that they disappear within 24 hours of being posted and can be anything from a static picture, moving picture such as a gif or a boomerang, a pre-loaded video (videos taken outside of the app) or live video (stories taken on the app). Influencers and brands also use Instagram stories to run polls, ask questions and add links to the copy posted.

The polls are interactive stickers that allow you to receive direct feedback from users, and asking questions use similar concept in that you add a question sticker and users provide you with instant feedback.

How do they differ from traditional feed posts?

Apart from disappearing within 24hours, Instagram stories allow for creative elements to be added onto them. These elements range from captions, filters, colour overlays, texts, geo-tags, hashtags, and you can tag or mention other brands or influencers you are working or associated with.

What can Instagram stories do for your small business?

There are many reasons why you should introduce Instagram stories to your small business marketing plan. The most important reasons include the ability to reach more people than you currently have the ability to reach on your traditional feed. This is because Instagram stories can be discovered or seen even by people who do not follow your account. And, if you use hashtags on your Instagram stories, your stories will appear on related searches that users make. This in turn, makes you more visible to new users.

The polls and asking questions tools can increase your engagement with users. The more you engage with users, the more visible your brand and the more they become aware of your business.

If your account already has ten thousand followers, you’ll have an option to use a ‘swipe up’ option which allows you to add a link to whichever landing page you want your users to land on. It can be your website, your products or even your blog.

Essentially, Instagram stories can grow your community. If you’re interested in understanding more about Instagram stories or you need guidance on how to incorporate this feature on your small business account, book a consultation with us at marketing@spottmedia.co.za and we’ll work on a personalised strategy to grow your Instagram community and ultimately, customers.


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