The importance of creating a marketing plan

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The importance of creating a marketing plan

A marketing plan is important in every business, whether the business is big, medium, medium to small or small. The fundamental role of marketing in any business is to create awareness with the intention to drive sales, which in turn, provides you with revenue to help your business stay afloat in the long-term.

So, because of this very important fact, planning your marketing ahead of time becomes a critical task. Keep reading below to learn about the 5 reasons why creating a practical marketing plan is important for your business.

It gives you a chance to set goals

Without a marketing plan your business will not be operating with a clear and defined direction. On the other hand, having a marketing plan allows you to have a clear vision and to set business goals to achieve that vision.

Helps you formalise ideas

Ideas are good to have but even the brightest idea won’t work if execution is not planned properly. A marketing plan helps you put your ideas down on paper. And once they are on paper, you can do research on it, find out if it’s been done before and how it has been done. That way, you can figure out a way to do it better or do it in a way that will matter for the growth of your business.

Helps you strategise

With all of that information you’ve gathered through research, you can ultimately design a strategy that is specific to your business and target market. This process will answer the ‘how’ part of your marketing. Things like, how will you market your products or services, which platform, using what tools and resources etc.

Helps you build and work on a timeline

When you have the how, you move on to the when. Having a marketing plan in place guides you on when you’ll implement your strategies. Using a clear timeline to market your products and or services should become a habit that can eventually become second nature.

Helps you collect data

When you create a marketing plan, you can learn new information that you may have not known about your business or industry before. These are things which you can introduce to your business if they make business sense.

Most of all having a marketing plan is all good and well, but the key to your plan succeeding will be based on the execution. If you would like to know more about creating a marketing plan or simply creating a digital marketing strategy, book a consultation with us on


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