Small Business Networking Event in Durbanville

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The Success of your business begins with action 

You’re responsible for shaping the future and the growth of your dream. Every step you take each day matters and has the power to determine when and how you’ll reach your dream. This is one of the biggest messages from Business Coach and Multi-business owner, Alistair Lategan. He was speaking at a Small Business Networking breakfast that we not only attended, but also were proud sponsors of.

As a society, we condition ourselves to believe that we need to have our ducks in a row before we can see the value of starting something. Alistair says the problem with that, is while we’re waiting for things to come together, we’re delaying our dreams. Time and life happens as we’re stuck planning and planning to no end.

As a small business owner, the time to work on your big ideas is now, with the resources you currently have at your disposal. This way, six months or a year later, you’ll look back and thank yourself for making the decision to act now.

Our host and brains behind this networking event, Zonita Spanneberg, is testament to this philosophy. If Zonita had waited because of lack of resources, all the small business owners that attended the event wouldn’t have learnt the lessons and created connections that they did on the day.

Truth is, everyone wants to be part of the growth train and the pressure is at its highest. Mainly because in our current world, businesses across the globe are more innovative and more competitive.

Many experts have emphasised that small businesses are critical in driving social and economic development. This is exactly the reason there’s booming support from major local corporates such as FNB – who recently launched tools targeted at helping small business owners.

When we spoke about the power of networking in our previous blog, we were talking about gaining such invaluable information and inspiration needed to push you to work harder.

We as Spottmedia, are just as inspired to work harder to help small businesses achieve their goals through marketing. Starting with the winner of our prize, Pierre and Dominique Van Wyk. Owners of Refocus IT, who won themselves a mini photoshoot, a free marketing consultation and a live video on Facebook.

We hope to meet and connect with you at the next networking event. Till then, please do not hesitate to contact us at to discuss the many ways in which we can help your business grow.

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