Small Business Friday Promo

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Small Business Friday Promo

On the first Friday of Spring of every year, we observe and celebrate small businesses through the “Small Business Friday” movement. The main aim of the movement is to encourage South Africans to support local businesses and to recognise their importance in our communities.

The National Small Business Chamber (NSBC), which we are part of is the core driver of this movement. The NSBC works under the ethos that small businesses are big business. That’s why this year’s major theme for “Small Business Friday” is driving sales through one-day-only specials.

The CEO of NSBC, Mike Anderson says we use Small Business Friday to mobilise the country to go big by supporting the small. He believes that if people can support small businesses “the businesses will thrive and employ more from the local communities, hence meaningful nation building.”

He explains that the biggest challenge in SA and globally, is the inability for small businesses to find new customers and boost top live sales. He says “Small Business Friday” is the Black Friday of small businesses.

You’re probably asking yourself why it is so important that you actively support small businesses. This is because, as we mentioned in our previous blog post, small businesses are heavily involved in job creation and contribute a lot to the regional and national economy. According to expert forecast, by 2030 over 90% of the working population will be working in small business.

For small businesses to make this contribution, they need to make sales, which in turn will help them grow and thrive, again, hence the theme to drive sales.

If the above doesn’t already compel you to support local businesses, think about it this way, small businesses are in your communities, which makes them very convenient to access. Small businesses also offer personalised products and services with a touch of authenticity.

Here at Spottmedia, we’re big fans of small businesses and we want to see them thrive and propel our country to new heights. Because of this, we’re also joining in on this movement by offering a one-day-only special (6th September) where anyone who books a marketing consultation today will receive a 20% discount off our marketing consultation FEE of R450 (Value R360). The consultation involves an assessment on your marketing and a recommended marketing strategy plan to take your marketing to the next level.

Making a booking here.

Do the right thing for your small business and book today.



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