Celebrating Women – Entrepreneurs this August

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Celebrating Women – Entrepreneurs this August

Starting a small business is not easy, fueling success into the business is also not an easy feat. But small business owners take the risk and in doing so, they play a huge role in job creation, shifting the course of a local economy and making an impact on their communities.

This is why we celebrate the rise of small businesses, and most importantly the rise of women-led small businesses. Experts believe that women-led businesses are significant in easing unemployment, which has unfortunately increased to 29% at the last quarter of 2019. But women entrepreneurs’ soldier on through these hard times and through decades’ long challenges such as gender disparities, cultural, social, and economic hindrances.

Many are putting in hard work without the assistance or support. As women’s month draws to a close, we’re honouring our women-entrepreneur clients – who are pioneering change in their own lives, their employees’ lives, their clients’ lives and overall communities.


Rozina Matthys – Personalize It

Rozina started Personalize It in 2017, because it combines both creativity and playfulness. She’s a passionate creative that believes in quality. Her business offers individuals an opportunity to personalise items that they can gift to themselves or to their loved ones. This includes mugs, coasters, stationary, glass clocks, glass scales, scatter cushions, sports bags, and jewellery.


Nicole Kulz – Your Hearts Design

Ten years of perfecting the craft and developing new “secret” recipes sees Nicole’s business neatly tucked in people’s hearts. People that trust her team to create the best cakes they could ever ask for. This form of trust ensures that Your Hearts Design clients have one less thing to worry about during the preparations for the biggest events of their lives. Whatever the occasion, Your Hearts Design has you covered.


Sylma Rees – Apex Pilates Studio

Sylma Rees owns a boutique Pilates studio in Kenridge, Northern Suburbs. The studio offers Pilates classes in group, semi-private and private classes settings. Classes are available for beginners, and people in more advanced levels. All instructors at her studios are qualified in Body Arts and Science International, and BCP. And also, in leading international Pilates education which taught them innovation, dedication and excellence. Her passion for helping others feel better about themselves and their bodies lead her to the birth of Apex Pilates Studio. Sylma and her team believe that physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.

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