Small Business Development Expo 2019

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Small Business Development Expo 2019

Image: Left (Business Owner Tini from Boost Communications) and Right (Business Owner Rucien Petersen from Spottmedia).

We attended the Small Business Development Expo held at the River Club Golf Course in Rondebosch on Thursday 17th May 2019.  The event is a landmark event where you can connect with the business community that empowers small businesses, both private and public. What we found and realised is that small businesses have unique challenges and the Small Business Development Expo provides and explores opportunities which will help solve or overcome these challenges. We had a great experience networking with fellow small business exhibitors and found that many small business owners were challenged with the marketing aspect of their business. Based on our experience we put together a few pointers on why current small businesses should attend future events and the benefits you will experience.

  1. Networking opportunity

Not only will you meet and network with business owners exhibiting at the event, you can also network with owners attending the event. Owners attending the event are also looking for opportunities and you never know who you might run into who will require your services.

2. Learning

As a business owner you can never know everything and the expo allows you to learn about what is happening in the industry (new developments, changes, systems etc). It gives you an opportunity to see how you can improve your business and if there are any loopholes to be filled regarding admin, staff or specific processes.

3. Exposure

In the business world every opportunity for your business is an opportunity to market and increase your exposure. As a small business’s clients are the lifeblood of your business. But for clients to purchase your products or services they need to know about your product. Marketing your business at every opportunity (speaking, handing out flyers, business cards) should be one of your primary goals as its extra exposure for your business.

Attending expos and events as a small business owner should be part of your marketing plan and strategy. If you are still challenged in creating an effective marketing strategy and are not sure about the way forward contact us and we will contact you to see how best, to take your marketing to the next level.

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