Christmas at the Children’s Home

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Christmas at the Children’s Home

Christmas is an opportunity for families and friends to reconcile and come together, to relax and take some time off from work. It is also a time to make  difference in the lives of people who might not have.

In celebration of Christmas, Spottmedia partnered with the Children’s Home in Durbanville and donated cup cakes to the Annual Children’s Christmas lunch on Saturday 8th December. According to Founder Rucien Petersen:” Christmas is a time to give and spread the message of love. We all enjoy sweet treats occasionally especially children! We were very excited and couldn’t wait to see the children enjoy them!” We would also like to Thank Your Hearts Design and Crissie’s Kitchen for baking the beautiful cup cakes.

The Durbanville Children’s Home cares for 144 children between the ages of 2 -18 years who were exposed to some form of domestic violence, substance, sexual abuse and neglect. The intake of children falls within a 100 km radius of Durbanville, which includes farms, informal settlements, squatter camps and towns.

The reason why we decided to give to The Children’s Home is because we believe that by investing in these youth and children, we are not only fulfilling their basic needs but building their self – esteem and adding value to their lives. This was a humbling experience and always makes one appreciate the small things in life. If we as owners and businesses can adopt this vision not only would we add value to individuals, but we will add value to and grow our communities”.


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