Marketing Planning for 2019

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Marketing Planning for 2019

Planning is a vital component in achieving brand and business success. It is the first step before implementing any strategies or tactics for the year ahead. A “go with the flow” attitude won’t be enough for your business. It is tempting to use the same marketing initiatives, unrolling the same content plan and strategy as the previous year but by doing this, you run the risk of your business becoming stagnant with no growth and development.

A plan should allow for changes that could arise in the marketing industry. This plan should be reviewed on a regular basis in order to remain relevant.


One of the worst things you can do, is to plan blindly for 2019 without reviewing the past years initiatives. You need to assess what worked and what didn’t work in 2018. Create a list based on the statistics received from awareness and sales generated, reach accumulated and feedback received from clientele. Your list will determine whether you’re going to run a similar initiative or a new one. Assessing is important as it will guide which strategy you will implement.


Begin 2019 with marketing objectives for your business and brand. This goal will communicate where you want your brand to be at the end of the year. Setting objectives, gives your brand direction in terms of the kind of marketing initiatives you need to utilise, to achieve those goals. Your goals can be set for three, six or even twelve months at a time.

When you are travelling or visiting a new area or place, you require a map or GPS to ensure you reach your destination without the wrong turns. Your map is your business planthat needs to be plotted out clearly and with foresight, to prevent the pitfalls that befall many businesses today.

Strategy and Tactics

Plan your year with a calendar and have an overview or brief summary of your marketing strategies and tactics to implement during 2019. Having an overview of your business, allows you to plan well in advance. Knowing that you will be running a promotion over the Easter Holiday for example, will give you enough time to build and increase brand awareness. It will allow all systems, developing artwork and printing material to be distributed on time. If all these elements are aligned, it will increase the success of your promotions.


Once you implement your plan and progress through the year, do not forget to measure your marketing initiatives. This is equally as important as strategizing and implementing. Make sure you have a rough idea of the traction and effectiveness of your brand or business’ marketing tactics.

2019 will no doubt be another year that will test your business attributed to factors such as the fluctuating economy and increased competition. However, if you are armed with an effective plan containing clear objectives, your business can survive and even thrive despite these obstacles. Start early with your planning and promotions, as it will give you a head start on your competitors.

If you are still not too sure how to plan your year with your marketing, contact Spottmedia on for a consultation.

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