The importance of knowing your target audience

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The Importance of Knowing your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is a crucial step in your marketing strategy as it guides your direction when implementing your strategy and tactics. Successful businesses know exactly who their target audience is and based on their profile, they create marketing strategies tailored to successfully reach their audience. A detailed description of your target audience’s profile should include their age, location, tastes and preferences and living standard measures. Once a profile is in place, you’ll be in a better position to achieve your business’ objectives.

The importance of knowing your target audience will prevent your business from spending marketing funds on initiatives which could not work. In our modern age, resources need to be carefully selected and every penny counted as you cannot afford to spend recklessly. Knowing your target audience will reduce the amount of expenditure on ineffective marketing tools and platforms. The marketing industry has changed in terms of mass advertising which was also known as the Gun shot approach, but this form of marketing has become redundant as we have shifted towards focused strategies and tactics. The ability to know who your customer is from a detailed perspective, will give your business an advantage over your competitors as your strategies and tactics will be more focused and targeted in reaching your ideal client.

Before implementing any marketing or business plan it’s important to provide a detailed description of your market. As a business owner you should know exactly how and where you will be able to reach your audience. Once this is established, then the segmentation process follows. This will determine the kind of mediums to use to reach your clientele. These mediums can be anything from traditional and digital platforms to software tools and apps geared towards reaching your audience. This information will also help business owners decide which business events to attend that will create networking opportunities. Time is a very important resource and ultimately, you would not want to attend networking events with the wrong audience. In addition, it is important for the type of clientele to be communicated to your business and organisation so that everyone, including staff, understand who you’re targeting. This will determine how the message will be communicated and to whom.  

It is easy to see how the whole marketing strategy is driven by your target audience. Don’t waste your time and resources on an unappreciative audience. Your brand’s success is dependent on an accurate analysis of your market and will continue to thrive if you master that crucial step.

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