Are you Watering your Brand?

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Are you Watering your Brand?

We all know that for flowers to grow and look as beautiful as they are, there are a few elements they require. These elements consist of water, carbon dioxide, sunlight and proper nutrients. However, what makes a seed grow and develop, is the combination and correct balance of these elements.

This combination should be applied consistently and the delicate dance between sunshine and water, will ultimately decide whether your flower will flourish or perish.

Your brand is that plant that requires constant nourishment and the essential elements for it to grow and thrive. These elements can range from traditional to digital marketing techniques. Like a plant, you might have to adjust your methods according to your environment.

Know your audience

It’s essential to do research to determine who your target audience is, in order for you to tailor your marketing elements accordingly.

As an example, a barber shop conducts their research and finds out that their target audience of men enjoy watching sport and older men specifically use Facebook as their platform. Based on this knowledge they then create a campaign that involves a partnership between them and a local sports soccer star offering them, free haircuts in return for exposure and posts on their Facebook pages. This will allow the barber shop to reach their audience of older men.

Now once you are aware of your audience it is important to use the marketing element of a local sports star on a regular basis to water your brand and to build the awareness of your business and offering.

Consistency is key

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of innovation. Rather focus on consistency in the form of monitoring engagement, listening to your audience and marketing your brand regularly across relevant platforms. Your audience wants to feel heard and cared for and consistency goes a long way in earning their loyalty.

Different sports stars from different sporting backgrounds can be approached to participate in the campaign one month at a time to create balance and consistency. This approach will increase and build your brands awareness in the long run. Again, the correct marketing elements need to be applied on a continuous basis. The plant or flower analogy is appropriate because it’s fragile and temperamental. Your brand needs to withstand the economic environment and with the correct marketing tools, it will not only survive the challenge’s but it will thrive and flourish.

Remember to water your brand regularly and consistently. Your efforts will be rewarded in the form of a budding business that will be remembered by many, for years to come.

If you are not sure on how to add the correct elements to grow your brand contact us on for a consultation.

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