4 Tips on how to Increase your Instagram Followers

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4 Tips on how to increase your Instagram followers

As Instagram continues to evolve and develop, it is becoming increasingly difficult to grow your account. When Instagram was launched, it was very easy for individuals and businesses to increase their followers, but due to the inexhaustible amount of content, brands need to compete a bit harder to be heard. However, with the right strategy, content and consistency, brands are able to achieve their objectives of increasing and creating a loyal following.

Keep in mind that there is no substitute for creative content and consistency. The more people see your brand and are drawn to your interesting content, the more they will want to follow your page and stay in touch with your offering.

Stay ahead of your competitors with these useful tips on how you can increase your followers for your business profile on Instagram.

  1. Integrate

If you have not already informed your existing clientele through your newsletters and other social media platforms then now’s the time to do so. It is important for your clients to know that your business is on Instagram and that they can follow your page to keep up to date with the latest news and product releases. Do not assume that a link inserted below emails or articles will guarantee that your clients are aware that you are on Instagram.

  1. Run a Competition

A great way to increase your followership is to run a competition. It should be detailed and easy to follow. A good tip would be, to create step by step instructions stating exactly what they need to do if they would like to win. A good call – to – action would either be, to tag a friend or follow the page and stand a chance to win. Bear in mind, to not make the entry steps too long as this could deter your follower base from entering.

  1. Be consistent

Consistency builds brands. Ultimately the more people who see your content on a regular basis, the more aware they’ll become of your product and service. Regular posts will increase the likelihood that consumers will follow you as you have now created an expectation and they find your content valuable. The standard of engaging content must always be maintained and nurtured. Create a content plan for your page and make sure that you stick to the plan, posting on the allocated days scheduled.

  1. Be engaged

Instagram followers prefer to follow and work with brands that interact with them. Make sure that you continue to like other images, comment on other profiles and respond to messages or likes on your images. This reassures existing and potential followers, that your brand is involved, relevant and active.

If you choose to follow someone else’s profile make sure that your intent is sincere and not an attempt to gain random followers. Remember, this is a networking opportunity so be selective about the people you choose to follow.

As your number of followers grow, take time to engage and interact with them as you will be building a relationship, creating even more loyal followers. Converting your followers into real customers is the end goal and Instagram is a fantastic platform to achieve this.

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