Do you have a Game Plan?

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Do you have a Game Plan?

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Before a sports team or an individual goes to the field there is research conducted on their rival as well as the type of game plan to carry out. A team or a player studies their opponent and creates a plan of action, coming up with strategies and tactics of winning and achieving their goals. The objectives and the planning are implemented before taking off to the field. In most cases a plan is carried out in the field during the game, but it may happen that they would need to change the strategy if it is not working as to how they planned it. The teams are not only expected to just have an idea of what to do and how to implement, they are expected to adapt to the conditions on the field and often those who tend to do so are the ones who come on top and are victorious.

How is marketing similar to playing sport?

There is no difference between marketing your business and playing sports. Before implementing any marketing initiative, a plan of action and strategy (digital or traditional) is necessary. Research of your target audience and competitors needs to be conducted so that you can position yourself in the market as a business and brand that can WIN over the consumer. A good plan of action needs to be in place, before implementing any marketing initiative’s and the marketing team needs to know exactly what to do and how to do it.

The goal of a business owner is to stay ahead of your competitors, ensure that you have the best interest at hand of your clients with effective marketing strategies and tactics. However even if you have a plan be aware that on any given day it needs be flexible in case of unforeseen conditions coming up such as; delay in artwork, poor service delivery, customer complaint or weather conditions that might prohibit you from doing outdoor activations.

In conclusion sports is similar to marketing, because they both need a plan of action, tactics and strategies before implementing. These strategies need to be flexible in case of unforeseen conditions. Most of all the team that puts all in place and executes efficiently will be victorious on the day.

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