5 Local Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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5 Local Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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As a business owner we often think that we need to implement marketing on a big scale when growing the brand and business. But to make an impact on a big scale we need to start small and local marketing is a great way to start. If a business owner is able to penetrate the community with targeted local marketing strategies and tactics it will create a snowball effect generating awareness and slowly it will grow and people will become aware of your brand and business on a big scale.

To start growing your brand in the local market we have put together a list of our top local marketing tactics to implement.

  1. Attend a local forum

Attending local forums is a great way in which you as a business owner can network with other business owners that have similar goals as yours. The BNI is a very popular networking forum held on a regular weekly basis and there’s normally a small fee to attend. The positive to attending such events is that you meet like-minded business individuals who all have common goals (increase exposure and create business relationships).

  1. Sponsoring a school event

Sponsoring a local school event is a great way to increase your brad exposure amongst potential clients or customers. Sports teams often require some sort of sponsorship, whether its financially or technically (sports clothing or sports equipment). This is a great way to increase your exposure as sporting events are always well supported by parents and friends who might have an interest in your business and offering.

  1. Partner with a local influencer

We are well aware that WOM is a powerful marketing tool that creates trust and credibility for your brand. Partner with a local influencer who has an influence in the community and a following on social media. A local influencer can be a blogger, athlete, business individual or hairdresser. When partnering with a local influencer you can offer them a trade exchange in return for exposure in blogs, social media, interviews etc.

  1. Partner with a local business

Partnering with a local business in your community creates opportunities for your brand to increase its awareness to new clients. Partner with a local business by offering a trade exchange where both parties can benefit from in terms of exposure and awareness.

  1. Sponsor a charity or NGO

There are many charity organisations that one can get involved in on a local level. Align yourself with a specific charity that is connected to your business culture and values. When giving back to the community you will be building a positive reputation and create an everlasting legacy.

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