Why You Should be Live Streaming

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Why You Should be Live Streaming

In our previous blog, we spoke about the power of networking and how important it is for your business. We talked about meeting and interacting with people face to face. This time around, we’re talking about the alternative, which takes you back to digital. That’s of course, live streaming. Keep reading if you want to find out more about what that is.

Live streaming means recording and broadcasting in real time. It is a live video that is broadcasted to over the internet. As a small business owner, it’s important to also look into live streaming and work it in your marketing strategy. Because live streaming gives you a chance to give personality to your brand. Your clients get a chance to get to know you and learn more about your business from you instead of from a blog page or social media. It takes your clients behind the scenes of your business. They also get to see the team behind their favourite products or services.

There are many ways in which you can incorporate live streaming. For example. If you own a fitness studio, you can do a live streaming showing them how to do an exercise at the comfort of their own home. You can provide them with information relating to that exercise, such as how it helps their bodies. The bonus is, during live streaming, you are able to see who is tuning into your video and you can engage with them by asking questions and responding to questions they ask.

An additional option, is if you are having a promotion, you can offer additional promos and freebies for those who tune in. It’s a known fact that experiences connect people across the globe and specials, or deals keep them engaged.

The beautiful thing about live streaming is that you can use platforms you are already active in, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And all you need is a smartphone, which you already own.

In addition to engagement, wider reach potential, ease and convenience, it is also a cost-effective tool. Overall, live streaming adds versatility to your marketing, and it shows your clients that you are forward thinking, innovative and that you’re willing to go – above and beyond – to build a relationship with them, understand them and also meet their needs.


The Power of Networking: Small Business Edition

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The Power of Networking: Small Business Edition

At a time when everything and everyone is moving to digital, it becomes questionable whether meeting people face to face is really worth it – and if it’s a sustainable move. But reality is human to human connection is vital, in general, but most importantly in business. Read on to understand why this is important.

Psychologists and other industry experts have, over the years, given insights on the value of human connections. Stating that it offers people a sense of belonging. World-renowned speaker, Sean Stephenson once said: “the moment we feel that somebody cares about us, we’re open to learning from them.”

Of course, the primary goal of networking is to tell people about your business, that’s brand awareness and it is important. But networking strengthens your relationships with your existing clients. Because meeting them in person and taking interest in their lives, their needs and wants makes them feel like you care. That can result in significant interest in learning more about your business.

Networking can also help you meet new potential clients and can help you generate referrals through word of mouth. It can also help you grow your existing network and identify potential collaborators or business partners.

As a small business owner, networking events can expose you to potential investors who can help open up new opportunities of expanding your business. Many small business owners are concerned about the lack of time, which is understandable, but networking should be looked at as a necessary marketing tool to enforce. It adds as much value as your other tools that you use to market your business.

There are ways to be strategic about attending networking events (these include, launches and conferences etc.). There’s no shame in adding them to your calendar as it will help you plan better, make you accountable and teach you consistency.

You have to be proactive and identify industry events that you find relevant to your business – sometimes even the ones that are not necessarily related to your specific business are vital to attend. Chances are, you’ll meet like-minded business people who have similar experiences as you and who can share some insights. With that, you stand to find potential solutions to your existing problems or problems you haven’t yet identified.

You can also host your own meet and greet, where you’ll be more comfortable to engage with clients, potential clients and other business owners.

It is all a matter of devotion, and valuing growth enough to push yourself beyond your comfort zone to get things done.


How to identify your target market workshop

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How to identify your target market workshop

After a huge success with our first workshop, small business owners showed significant interest in learning more from us about the crazy world of marketing. Our passion is to serve small businesses with knowledge and tools to help them grow and thrive. We do this through all sorts of marketing approaches – including marketing consultations, video creation, micro influencer campaigns, social media management and campaigns.

Workshops are becoming a welcome addition to our services. This is why we worked – once again – with the team of Edge by Ella to put together another incredible workshop. While on our first workshop, we focused on effective marketing strategies, this time around we looked into using these strategies towards the right target market.

But doing so, requires that you know exactly who your target market is. That starts with understanding what a target market is. As defined by American Marketing Author, Consultant and Professor, Philip Kotlera target market is a specific group of people with shared characteristics who are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

Knowing who your target market is important because it is your target market that grows your business by buying your services and or products. Knowing your target market will help you develop effective marketing strategies that are relevant to your specific target market.  It will also help you save time and costs when you’re implementing your strategies.

Without wasting much of your time, below we’ve listed ways in which you could identify your target market.

Look at your current database

Have a look at who is currently buying from you, and what products are selling the most etc.

Check out your competition

Have a look at your competition to see what they are offering and see where you can be different. Assess their weaknesses and create a plan to target their weaknesses.

Analyse your product/service

Conduct a survey or questionnaire to see what customers are saying. Feedback from customers are golden nuggets that can be used to rectify a product or service.

Choose specific demographics

Use demographics to define your target market. Your target market can be broken down into age, gender, income, education level, location, profession and marital status.

Determine the Psychographics

Psychographics can be determined as the interests and hobbies of your customer. What do they love doing in their spare time? Do they love sports, living an active lifestyle, art, reading, sightseeing, touring, food etc.

If you have any queries marketing related or want to find out when is our next workshop do not hesitate to contact us here.